Solutions for Managing Worker’s Compensation Costs

Creative Thinking In Workers' Compensation Costs

Employer organizations are looking for new solutions to remain competitive

Key Questions:

  1. Would your organization like to level or custom design your Workers Compensation payments for the next 60 months?
  2. Would your organization like to be rid of the required LOCs?
  3. Would your organization like to take this liability off your balance sheet?

Our Solution Set: The Apex Model

Our Two-Tiered Solution:

  1. Analyzes the existing arrangement employers have with their providers
  2. Develops a financial remedy to contain, budget, and fund costs without modifying existing conditions

The Value Proposition

The Apex Model brings the following value to any plan by:

The Apex Advanced Funding Structure

Apex Advanced Funding Model

Apex Advanced Funding

Our Advanced Funding solution has been used effectively for over a decade and can provide Plan Sponsors with:

Five Year Rate Guarantee

  • Certainty for Worker' Compensation managers and their employees in an uncertain world

Consistent Monthly Payments

  • Predictable and consistent cash flow budget for the Plan Sponsor well beyond the current year

Creates no Obligation on Company's Balance Sheet

  • An independent Special Purpose Entity (SPE) utilizing debt, so that the obligation is held by the SPE - NOT the Plan Sponsor

Working With You and Your Consultant

We securitize your workers’ compensation liability over five (5) years by:

Information Needed for a Phase 1 Assessment

Structure Elements and Providers

The Trust

Private Placement Agents

Structuring Team

Contact Information

Contact the Apex Advanced Funding principals for a consultation:

Jeffrey Bemoras

Chris Stepuszek

Reach us at our office: (800) 568-3162