About Apex Advanded Funding

Apex Advanced Funding helps private and public employers take control of their healthcare and workers' compensation costs. Employing a creative, yet conservative, risk management program developed in 1995 by Apex Advanced Funding principal Jeffrey L. Bemoras, Apex Advanced Funding enables employers to quantify their future healthcare and workers' compensation costs and transform them from volatile and unknown variable expenses to a totally predictable monthly fixed obligation.

A non-traditional approach to stabilizing and potentially reducing healthcare and workers' compensation costs, Apex Advanced Funding uses the leverage of advance funding three years of program costs as the backbone to negotiate multi-year cash flow and savings opportunities for public and private employers. A key element of Apex Advanced Funding solution is a sophisticated, fully integrated structured financing model. Another is the ability to obtain a financial rating from Moody's. Developed and refined for over a decade, this solution has helped countless employers manage their healthcare and workers' compensation expenses.